Landscapes by Rob Dickinson

Classic Modern New Zealand Landscapes



“Mountains are the beginning and the end of all natural scenery.”

John Ruskin


Mountains provide spectacular backdrops, or incredible viewpoints and always a challenge.

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Mt Cook Dawn
"Aoraki Mt Cook and Hooker glacial lake as the first touch of sunrise strikes"   ..
Mt Cook Rocks
"A view of Aoraki Mt Cook from Hooker Valley"   ..
Second Time Lucky
"We hiked Hooker valley's 10kms return track for sunset loaded down with camera gear, the sky lookin..
Stock Stream Shelter
"A glorious view of Mt Cook including Stock Stream Shelter"       ..
Tekapo Skies
"Storm clouds close in around Lake Tekapo" ..
Tekapo Sunset
"Sunset over Lake Tekapo"   ..
The Black Range
"A rainbow over the Black Range with Mt Horrible, before a storm arrives" ..
The Glory of Arrowtown
"Arrowtown in spectacular Autumn colours" ..
The Road To Nevis Valley
"Nevis Valley is a long way from anywhere. To get to it you have to travel a spectacular road that c..
The Tasman Glacier
"The Tasman Glacier and the morain Lake, Aoraki Mt Cook National Park."   ..
Waiting for rescue
"A good photo needs to tell a story, and as any good story needs a hero so too does a photograph. ..
Wakitipu Dreams
"An old abandoned jetty on the shore of Lake Wakitipu"       ..