Landscapes by Rob Dickinson

Classic Modern New Zealand Landscapes



“There is one spectacle grander than the sea, that is the sky; there is one spectacle grander than the sky, that is the interior of the soul.”

Victor Hugo


The sky is such a dynamic element in photography. It often provides not just the atmosphere and the light but becomes the key element in the scene.

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Beached As Bro
"Tip Top Kite day at New Brighton, Christchurch" ..
Blowing a Gale
"I headed up to the top of Mt Pleasant at sunset , just to have a look, so windy I could barely stan..
Bridge the Gap
"A 180 degree slice of the night sky. Shot at Castle Hill limestone rock formations as seen in a few..
Castlepoint Lighthouse
"The Milky Way with Castlepoint Lighthouse shot during Dark Skies of Wonder"   ..
City Night
"Clouds and stars over Christchurch and Heathcote Valley at night"       ..
"The Milky Way over Kaikoura Peninsula"   ..
Daly's Wharf
"Dalys Wharf in Akaroa"   ..
Daly's Wharf II
"Dalys Wharf in Akaroa"   ..
Early at Hooker Lake
"The stars shine out over Hooker Lake"   ..
First Light of Winter
"Dawn light over Lakes McGregor and Tekapo"   ..
Goldey Head Stars
"The Milky Way over Godley Head"   ..
Heathcote I
"Sunset at Heathcote valley, Christchurch"   ..
Heathcote II
"Sunset at Heathcote valley, Christchurch"   ..
Heathcote Light
"A supercell storm arrives at sunset over Christhurch and the Heathcote Valley" ..
How Does it Feel?
"The Milky Way over Lake Heron , Ashburton Lakes."   ..