Landscapes by Rob Dickinson

Classic Modern New Zealand Landscapes



“We are a way for the cosmos to know itself.”

Carl Sagan


The first time you really see the night sky, away from the light pollution of cities, can resonate in your soul. The immense scale of the universe and the raw, stark beauty of the Milky Way stretching across the sky can be both humbling and invigorating. Capturing this with a camera can be a lifelong passion, the challenge is to give it a human context and find that connection between us and the universe.

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Totara Ghost
"The Milky Way aglow over Banks Peninsula. Featuring an ancient Totara tree, airglow, lightning to t..
Wanakas willow
"Stars with the lone willow at Lake Wanaka, taken very early on a frosty winter morning"   ..
"Star trails to the max provide a backdrop to a great looking Macrocarpa tree" ..
What Goes Around
"Sunset and star trails combine over Magazine Bay, Lyttelton"   ..
"A moonlit starscape at Taylors Mistake"   ..