Landscapes by Rob Dickinson

Classic Modern New Zealand Landscapes



“Photography, as a powerful medium of expression and communications, offers an infinite variety of perception, interpretation and execution.”

Ansel Adams


With the digital photography world we can now capture huge vistas in formats that film photography made near impossible. These images are often as large as the view and can be printed so.

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A French Afair
"The full moon lights a Jetty in Akaroa"   ..
A Subtle Shift in Empasis
"A stormfront over Lake Tekapo."   ..
"Afterglow post sunset at Wharariki beach."   ..
Alexandrina Boatsheds
"Lake Alexandrinas Boatsheds lit by early morning sun."   ..
An Awful Waste of Space
"A star filled night scene, imagine if we are all alone in the Universe?" ..
"Aoraki Mt Cook and Hooker glacial lake as the first touch of sunrise strikes"   ..
Aoraki slice
"Aoraki Mt Cook and Hooker glacial lake as the first touch of sunrise strikes"   ..
As time goes by
"A long exposure at Wharariki beach."   ..
Blowing a Gale
"I headed up to the top of Mt Pleasant at sunset , just to have a look, so windy I could barely stan..
Bridge the Gap
"A 180 degree slice of the night sky. Shot at Castle Hill limestone rock formations as seen in a few..
Calm at the Dawn
"A Jetty leads the way to sunrise at Lake Alexandrina, Mackenzie County"   ..
Classic Tekapo
"Lupins at Lake Tekapo in Springtime" ..
Clear your mind
"And dream your dreams."   ..
"The Milky Way over Kaikoura Peninsula"   ..
Daly's Wharf
"Dalys Wharf in Akaroa"   ..