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Second Time Lucky

Second Time Lucky

"We hiked Hooker valley's 10kms return track for sunset loaded down with camera gear, the sky looking good, all hopes were high.

Hopes way too high, stunning spot, but not so stunning light

Hours later we're back at the tents camping in -8 conditions ( after a little star shooting). All excited for another attempt the next morning.

Dragging ourselves out of frost laden tents at 4:30am , glancing at the totally clear skies, we start the walk in again. A few test shots half way into the valley and theres just a touch of cloud forming, we race in further , setup on the small patch of Hooker Lake that was still clear liquid water ( the rest very frozen).

Not a breath of wind
Only the sound of ice and snow falling from the peaks
The sky fills with wispy cloud
and the sun strikes the atmosphere
What a light show
What a place

Second time lucky, right place, right time, and with the right crew. Thanks for the company Tim Poulton, Jay Daley,Bruce Hood, Tim Donnelly, Jeff Smith and Craig Holloway."


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