Landscapes by Rob Dickinson

Classic Modern New Zealand Landscapes

One Calm Tree

One Calm Tree

"A serene moment at Lake Wanaka."

A whirlwind trip around New Zealand's top landscape locations ended with a gloriously calm morning at Lake Wanaka. We'd travelled 1500kms in 5 days and slept barely 18 hours , finding our peace on the shore if only for an hour before the drive back to Christchurch.

"Incredible lighting. One of the most naturally striking 'lone tree' renditions I can recall seeing. So many times these days people just flip a scene upside down for a simple Photoshop reflection and it those get pretty tiring to view. This landscape is the real deal, with intricate background highlights and interests complimenting the perfect subject. Tremendous work visualizing and rendering this masterpiece. The lighting directly behind the tree puts it over the top for me." - Marc Adamus


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